I really wanted to impress my new friend, so I invited him over for my signature lasagna dinner complete with salad and dessert. I will admit there was an ulterior motive. I also wanted my visiting cousin to meet him, since I had just divorced the man that my whole family clucked about at family gatherings.

Everything was going well—he was sitting next to me and we were talking and having a good time—when we heard these loud crunching sounds under the table. I almost came unglued when I saw my cat, Prince John, finishing off a baby squirrel. He calmly took the last bite, leaving only the tail on the floor, and then ran out through the pet door. I could feel the heat in mSquirrely face, and I had to resist the urge to jump over the island that hemmed me in, since the tail lay just inches from my foot.

Only my cat would welcome our company by choosing to eat with us, as unsavory as his choice of meal was. I forced myself to take a calming breath, close my mouth and look over at my guest.

“Doesn’t bother me one bit,” he said, and dug back into his lasagna. I guess dinner was a success.

Fran Roberts lives in Pascagoula with her two daughters, three dogs and a cat (the amount of animals could vary at any time, though). She also has a grown son in South Carolina who also happens to be her favorite preacher, though the pastors at First Baptist Tillman’s Corner are in her top five. She currently teaches middle school Compensatory Language Arts.  Her first book is 31 Prayers for the Addict I Love written after the untimely death of two addicted loved ones. The second is 31 Prayers for When Life Isn’t Fair. Roberts’ first fiction novel, A Place Called Grace, is a Christian Romance/Murder Mystery. The sequel– A Place Without Mercy was released in December, 2016.