I live alone in a small two bedroom house with my five feline critters.  All five were rescue cats, rescued by me.  These little guys bring me so much joy and happiness and amusement too, I’d be lost without them.  Poke, Muffin, Jesse, Franny, and Zooey.  Their names perfectly suit them.

Today I want to write about Poke.  Poke’s name is derived from his full name, Poker Face.  Poke was abandoned as a kitten in my neighborhood and one morning he came running into my life.  I mean he literally ran to me from down the street.  He looked at me with his serious little face.  I called him Poker Face and informed him that he now has a home where I’d give him much love.

Poke is the only male and he considers himself the alpha cat, although Jesse will put him in his place quite often.  Poke’s an orange and white Tabby with sparkling green eyes.

In the morning after all the cats have eaten, it’s Poke who will sit and watch
 me having my cereal.  He is patient and watches me intently.  He knows what’s
 coming because it’s our tradition every morning.  And so when I’m finished I leave
 some milk and crumbs in the bowl and hand it over to him.

Want to mention one other thing about Poke before I close this session out. Late at night or early in the morning, Poke will produce the strangest meow I’ve ever heard on a cat.  When my daughter and son-in-law were staying with me, she heard the meow late one night and said it sounded demonic and I agreed with her.

Poke’s strange meow only comes when he’s roaming the house alone and the others are asleep. The meow has a guttural sounds, almost human, like an old man saying “ouch ouch ouch.”  Every time he does it, I plead with him by saying, “Poke, please don’t do that, okay? It’s creeping me out.”   But, he continues to do it.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.

JesseErnie Seewer is an Army veteran, having served in the 3rd Armored Division,
Germany, 1968-72.  He attended University of South Alabama on the G.I. Bill and
 graduated with the class of 1975, earning a BA in English and Literature. Seewer has one daughter and one granddaughter.  He was an Audio-Visual Production Specialist in the Media Production Department at USA.  Seewer is now retired after 30 years of service.  He is a proud holder of the USA Lifetime Benefit Card.