A Herd of Partially Socialized Catscj Sez: A few years ago I blogged This Could Be a Story about a love quadrangle going on at my house. The quadrangle involved a long-haired gray female kitten we named Nubbin, a male we cleverly named Yellowcat, Boots, a big, tabby tom cat with white feet, and me. There was also a mention of romantic Mr. Turtle who loved figs and cat food.

Sadly, all of the characters in that story, except me, have moved on to other places. Yellowcat, the last feline member of the group, disappeared earlier this year..

But wait! There’s more… a few weeks ago, we went from zero to being a local SPCA when some unknown kind soul gifted me with a herd of partially socialized cats.

Thumb_Casper 2Thumb_TuckerThumb_TabbyThumb_Buster

We have all-white Casper (male ?) . . .  tabby Tabitha, who sometimes follows me to the bird feeder so I can pet her . . . gray and orange Bob (I think he’s a bobbed-tail Manx) . . . Tucker, an obsessively affectionate, glossy shorthair wearing his best bib and tucker tuxedo . . . Niblet, a formerly underweight mackerel tabby who now spends most of her time on my desk with a paw on my keyboard (typing this post was an exercise in backspacing) . . . a white-footed, gray tabby we named Princess because her royal heinie now resides anywhere she wants in the house . . . Shay, a four- or five-month-old striped male, who boing-ed through the grass like a gazelle and now sashays his furry little butt through the house . . .  and last, but certainly not least, friendly Buster, a gentle giant. We are quite sure Buster is the son of Boots, one of the love quadrangle cats, because Buster is a bigger spitting image version of Boots—we were never able to trap out that character and get him neutered.

Not wanting to contribute to a new population of homeless cats, I have been investing my savings into CFR: Catch, Fix, Release.  So far, Niblet, Princess, Shay, Tucker, and Buster are ruing the day they dropped in to visit my patio. They were friendly enough to get close to our little cat transport cage so we could nudge them in and whisk them off to the vet. Tabitha’s visits have turned rare, and Bob hasn’t been visiting at all lately, so I’m afraid they may miss their opportunity to be transformed into good citizens. Casper is an occasional visitor, but it’ll take luck and a different trap for him. He runs at the sight of humanoids. I’m still hoping the rest of the tribe will continue to come around and give me a chance to perfect their existence (yeah, right, they yowl).

Tucker and Buster are in desperate need of hugs and socializing and forever homes if you know of anyone who fosters. When son Jeff sits down on a bench in the yard, one or the other cat curls up on his chest and purrs himself to sleep.

Oh, and by the way, son of Mr. Turtle still stops by for the figs and cat food.

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