a cause that mattersUnfortunately, I don’t have lots of money to give to the causes that I am committed to. I do, however, have the ability to act. There are many charities for children, and that’s great. There are also several for animals. Those are the ones I support.

I think I have a suspicious nature, but I always wonder how much of the money given to charities actually goes to the animals. I read so many accounts of charities that end up using less than 10% for the supposed recipients. Volunteerism is also a way to go that appeals to me but I can’t volunteer much where animals are concerned because I want to bring them all home. I’m rather irrational where dogs and cats are concerned. It’s a sickness perhaps, but, I love them all, and I want to know that they’re safe and well.

So, I’ve picked up animals through the years and brought them home. Now that I’m grown, and I live out in the country, I really go overboard. At one time, I had seven dogs and three cats.  I’ve lost three of the dogs, and one of the cats in the last few years, but I picked up another dog last May so I currently have five dogs and two cats.

I mean, when they turn up in your yard, it’s hard to say no. Ellie is a Weimaraner/lab mix who showed up in my yard. The male dog behind us was trying to mount her, so, I immediately got a leash and brought her in. She’s very needy and stays right with me throughout the day…and sleeps with me at night.

Ellie looks comfortable in my bed, doesn’t she?

Picture1I think the animals we rescue or adopt from a rescue group are worth so much because they’re so appreciative. Plus, there’s an added benefit of the unconditional love we get from them.

I have only bought one dog in my life. It was in January of 1979, when my mother let me pick out a puppy to replace my peek-a-poo Julie, who had died in the previous summer. This was Christie, my baby, who went everywhere with me. I had her for 17 years and she was an angel.

After that I found Muffin, (an unknown mix), and Sabrina, the cat.  They both had homes with me too.

Then came, Maggie, (lab/hunting dog mix), Bayley (chow/ mix) Riley (lab/shepherd mix), Chloe (?/? mix), McDuff (purebred Yorkie), Hamlet (min pin), and Beckett (kitty). I lost Maggie, McDuff, and Hamlet to health issues. I added Ellie last May.  So, I have Riley, Bayley, Dixie, Chloe, and Ellie (dogs), and Max and Beckett (cats). I love them all, even if hair and mud are an ever-present issue!

I say all that to say that my life has been so enriched by these precious souls. I urge anyone searching for a pet to go to a rescue organization or an animal shelter. These animals are NOT throwaways! At least, they shouldn’t be!

I see stories about people surrendering older dogs to get puppies for Christmas, and it makes me sick to think about it. I see stories about people taking other pets to the pound because of behavior issues that can be addressed with training.

Animals should be considered family members, not disposable toys. Please, if you have adopted pets, keep them until it’s their time to go. If you get new pets, get them from a shelter or a rescue group. Then, love them well and have them spayed or neutered so that they can’t add to the population of unwanted animals already out there.

I know, in some cases, I’m preaching to the choir, but if I can change even one mind about pets, I’ll be happy. These precious animals deserve to be loved and to have forever homes. They are not toys to throw away when you’re tired of them. They are loving sentient beings who enrich our lives every day.  They are SO worth the effort!

Riley, Beckett and Bayley




Me with Grandniece

BlogPhotoHolly Cawein Price lives in the country near Memphis, Tennessee, with four dogs and two cats.  She is retired from the corporate world, where she held a management position for many years.  Holly’s background is in Program Management and Interior Design.

Holly always wanted to be a novelist and, after her retirement in 2009, she began her journey.  Holly wrote feature articles and reviews for Suspense Magazine for several years and now she is focused on honing her skills as a writer of romantic fiction.  Holly is working on two different series, one with Trouble the Cat Detective, and one with Christie Costner, an interior designer.  Each series takes place in small towns in the south, since that is what is most familiar.

Holly loves to travel with her cousin (and partner in crime) and she hopes that you will enjoy each of her series, soon to be released.  Holly has many favorite people, but her most favorite are her grand-nephew and her four grand-nieces.  She collects old books, antique furniture and antique jewelry.  Holly also makes jewelry and is busy working on her family’s genealogy.  Holly sews and does art projects and writes, writes, writes.